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A Wedding at Kapila Gardens | Vanessa & Matthew

It was a warm day at the end of April. The mango orchard quietly rustled with foliage. The wind ruffled the grass and flowers as if reminding us that it was an important day and everything had to look immaculate. It was a perfect day for the lovely Vanessa and Matthew's Disney-themed wedding at Kapila Gardens in Hawaii.

view at Kapila Gardens

When Vanessa and I first spoke, her primary request was for the wedding day to be stress-free. And I took her request seriously.

We discussed all the details in advance. The place where Vanessa and Matthew were getting married is called Kapila Gardens. This venue is in Waianae on the western side of Oahu.

While Vanessa was getting ready for her big day at the Aulani Resort, I met with the vendors and set everything up for their wedding at Kapila Gardens.

wedding catering Kapila Gardens


Straight Outta Husk catered the event with outstanding Mexican cuisine. Sama Sama provided delicious Filipino-inspired boba tea. Mango Strawberry Green Tea was my favorite! 808 Dots were there to keep us all cooled down with Dippin' Dots ice cream.

Dinner menu wedding at Kapila Gardens

Mirror seating chart for a wedding at Kapila Gardens


Vanessa and Matthew provided a lot of their own decor. Vanessa had a beautiful vision. It was a Disney-themed wedding; all I had to do was bring it to life on the wedding day. However, Jhara Ong provided some flowers and foliage to add the floral tough the overall decor.

We also had an all-white bounce house by A&B Party Rentals for private vows moments and photo opportunities for the bride and groom immediately after the ceremony.

White Bounce House for a wedding at Kapila Gardens

Photo & Video

We had two great teams capturing the special moments on the wedding day. Alycia Crow Photography provided photo services. She took the majority of the photos in this post. HI Ticket Films covered the videography part and ensured no important moments slipped away.

Wedding at Kapila Gardens


The guests started trickling in at 4:30 in the afternoon. Everything was set and ready; even the breeze calmed down, waiting for the special moment to begin. We started the ceremony at 5 o'clock. The bridal party included the couple's two furry babies, Mochi and Mustard. A good friend of the couple Wesley O'Brien officiated the ceremony. It was absolutely magical!

wedding at Kapila Gardens

After the ceremony was over and the couple was announced as husband and wife, the guests moved to the reception area while the couple went to read their private vows.

The rest of the evening was just lovely. The heat subsided, and it became much easier to enjoy the event. Disney songs created that special magical atmosphere. The food and beverages were flowing. The guests and the couple were having a wonderful time.

reception wedding at Kapila Gardens


It was an honor to coordinate that beautiful wedding at Kapila Gardens. We connected well and planned everything well, so the event was executed well. Thank you for the vendors' professionalism and the couple's attentive approach to all the details we needed to prepare.

Cheers to the Vanessa and Matthew!

wedding at Kapila Gardens

photoshoot from the wedding at Kapila Gardens

wedding at Kapila Gardens

wedding decor for wedding at Kapila Gardens

wedding decor for wedding at Kapila Gardens

Sweetheart Table at wedding at Kapila Gardens

Guest Book Table at the wedding at Kapila Gardens

Disney wedding at Kapila Gardens

wedding at Kapila Gardens

Cake table at the wedding at Kapila Gardens

cake cutting ceremony wedding at Kapila Gardens

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