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Fall Wedding Colors for a Stylish Wedding

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The Fall is here, and there is so much to love about this season. One of my favorite things about Fall is my weddings! Thinking of them I decided to write today’s post about Fall wedding colors that my couples choose and also that are always popular and in trend. If you are looking for inspiration, these Fall wedding colors are the best choice for a perfect wedding.

Romantic Souls

Coral, Dark Palette Green, Dark Khaki, Dark Sienna

Fall wedding colors

Fall wedding colors

This bright mix of coral and green is elegant and very romantic! Earthy colors reflect the Fall motives better than any other colors in the palette. A touch of brownish sienna and khaki will help to incorporate a vintage look we all love so much.

Rustic love

Burgundy, Green, Yale Blue

Fall wedding colors

Fall wedding colors

Fall is rich in beautiful colors, and burgundy is one the jewels of this season that many couples incorporate into their wedding colors. Mix it with traditional green and Yale blue and you will get a very sophisticated combination of Fall wedding colors to create a special mood at your celebration.

Beach motives

Lime, Ocean Blue, Golden Yellow

Fall wedding colors

Fall wedding colors

Photo Credit: Aloha Island Weddings

This gorgeous mix of lime green, ocean blue, and golden yellow will add a great boost of energy and create a nice atmosphere. Balance these bright Fall wedding colors with white or soft tan tones to create a nice ambiance with beach motives.

Berry Blend

Red Orange, Dark Lilac, Cream, Teal

Fall wedding colors

Fall wedding colors

This colorful blend of Fall wedding colors would make a great palette for an outdoor wedding. The mix of warm and cold colors will remind of the garden full of fruits and berries. In combination with outdoor greenery, these colors will emphasize the exquisite taste of the bride and give a delightful shade to your special day.

If you having a different palette for your Fall wedding, share it with us! We would love to get inspiration from your wedding!

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