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11 Mistakes that Brides make

Today we are going to talk about the typical mistakes that brides make when they start planning a wedding. Newly-engaged brides start jumping from one point to another, beginning with inspiring decor to the bridesmaids' dresses. Lack of focus on the event milestones leads to stress and frustration. Based on our experience, Hawaii Weddings Planner prepared a list of 11 mistakes most brides make.

mistakes that brides make

1. You make plans before the guest list

Excited, you start setting up appointments. The first question most of the vendors ask is what's your guest count because this is what determines the venue size, the catering menu, the budget, the decor, and many other things. The first out of many mistakes that brides make is start making plans before making a guest list. It's ok to not know the exact number but you should have a general idea of how many guests you plan to invite in order to have a vision of what your wedding will look like.

mistakes brides make

2. You rule out a wedding planner

You think you can save money and avoid hiring a wedding planner but in reality, it costs you more time, money and stress to plan everything on your own. This is one of the common mistakes that brides on a budget make thinking that having a wedding planner is an unnecessary waste of money. Don't be lazy and put in some time making a research and finding a good wedding planner. You will dodge a bullet of overspending and overstressing by hiring a professional.

mistakes that brides make

3. You count out the guests' needs and wants

The wedding day is all about the bride and groom, we get it. However, do not forget about your guests' needs and wants. Some of your guests will have to travel to attend your wedding, pay for a hotel stay, buy you gifts, etc. Show them how much you appreciate them but providing a good party, transportation service, and pay for their drinks.

mistakes that brides make

4. You don't do your floral research

Do not skip on reading about floral costs, fragrance and seasons before you select your arrangements. Certain flowers may end up extremely expensive or not available at all if they are not in season. Some flowers also may be very fragrant which may be unpleasant for your guests.

mistakes that brides make

5. You overdo it with DIY

Pinterest has so many cute ideas on how to decorate! And they even teach you how to do it yourself! Slow down a little. Make sure you plan ahead on what details you need to purchase and have your bridesmaids help you with all this crafting. If you do not do DIY stuff on a regular basis it may end up pretty costly and overwhelming. A mistake most brides make when it comes to DIY is going overboard with ideas. Make it simple and do not postpone the DIY stuff till the last month, finish everything at least 1 or 2 months prior.

mistakes that brides make

6. You have a strict "per head" guest count

It is a common courtesy to allow your friends to bring a +1. If you invite a family, keep in mind that they might bring children. Some of the guests will RSVP very late, almost a day before the wedding, so allow some extra room in your guest count when giving your caterer those last numbers.

mistakes most brides make

7. You underestimate a good entertainment

If you look into different cultures, special traditions and games take a very important part in a wedding celebration. Also, a good DJ or a band will bring great vibes and energy to your event making your party fun and memorable. Don’t you want everybody to enjoy your special day? Don’t underestimate good entertainment, look up some ideas on how to make your reception super fun.

mistakes most brides make

8. You provide a boring cocktail hour

Traditionally, during the cocktail hour, couples schedule a photoshoot with their family members and bridal party allowing everyone else to mingle and get to know each other. Do not forget to arrange some ice-breaking games and have someone who knows different parties to introduce everyone to each other. One of my couples actually hired a magician to do magic and the guests had a blast while watching at the tricks and getting to know each other.

mistakes most brides make

9. You offer a cash bar

It's understandable that an open bar for the whole isn't an affordable option for everyone. However, inviting guests to your party and making them pay for things isn't the best idea either. Unless you planning "a potluck-bring your own drinks"-kind of wedding, think of ways to provide a free bar for everyone. You can arrange signature cocktails for everyone or a beer and wine bar only. You don't have to have an open bar the entire night, offer it for 2 hours of your reception and the rest can be the cash bar. Don't make your guests feel uncomfortable at your event. After all, they are here for you.

mistakes most brides make

10. You forget to eat

It's a common mistake that during the preparation and the event itself couples forget to eat and drink. They are so excited or busy that food does not even appear in their mind. However, it's very important that you staying hydrated and well-fed. It's going to be a long day. You don't want to pass out and end up in a hospital from stress and dehydration.

mistakes that brides make

11. You stress too much

One of the biggest mistakes most brides make is overrating a wedding. You worry about things that might not go according to the plan. You consider your wedding, not a happy celebration of your love but a great international event where everything must be perfect. You stress so much you forget to enjoy your wedding and have fun with your fiance. Relax and let your worries go. Everything will go just right. If you remember that you and your guests had a blast at your wedding, that's all that counts.

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